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William A. (Bill) Dealy, Jr.

Some of Bill’s favorite memories are of being by the seashore—crabbing with his grandfather on Mobile Bay, watching the dogs work while hunting with his uncle, and as he got older scuba diving with his father in south Florida.

Having been instilled with an appreciation for the beauty of nature, as an adult Bill began to embark on an avocation of landscape and wildlife photography. Through the sale and publication of his photography, his work was recognized by Photographer’s Forum and included in their “Best of Photography in the U.S.” publications. Family trips and vacations became excuses to get outside and “hunt” with a camera in places like Alaska, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and from the maritime provinces of Canada down the Atlantic coast to Florida. Although each place visited offered its own unique attraction, Bill’s favorite place to return year after year has been the Virginia shore, steeped in history and closely entwined with the ebb and flow of the tides and the waterfowl.

In the early 1980’s acting on the suggestion from his wife to get an old decoy for the mantel, Bill began searching antique stores and markets finally finding a well-used mallard. The old decoy found a special place in the Dealy home and prompted some research into the history of decoying and decoy making in North America. Being of an artistic bent Bill decided to try his hand at making a decoy and over the next few years he developed his own style and Kawonu Crafts Ltd. was born.

Bill’s decoys are unique replicas of a bygone era and have been sold at local arts and crafts shows, in local art galleries, Stone Mountain Park’s Country Store, and an art and craft shop in the North Georgia Mountains aptly named “The Wood Duck.” Through the years Bill has continued to hone his skills, to carefully reproduce a weathered, well-used, but cherished symbol of American water-fowling.

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